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ATT Fire Suppression

Alliance Fire Suppression Systems

UNECE 107 Certified Fire Suppression By ATT

The Alliance Fire Suppression system brings market leading, cutting edge technology to operators allowing them to protect thier assets and customers whilst being compliant with the latest regulations. Taking between 6-8 hours to install ATT providing a product and service you can trust.

Discover The Benefits Of Alliance Fire Suppression Systems

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UNECE Regulation No.107

The regulation states that installation and testing of fire suppression systems will be mandatory in engine compartments of all single-deck, double-deck, rigid or articulated vehicle of category M2 or M3 and specifically vehicles having a capacity exceeding 22 passengers.


Alliance Direct Fire Suppression Systems

The Direct system technology utilises the detection tubing to automatically detect the fire and actuate the system. ​
The tubing is installed in and around the fire risk areas within the protected area, the tubing is pressurised and in communication with the system contents.


Alliance Indirect Fire Suppression Systems

This technology employs the Alliance Detection Tube to automatically detect the fire and actuate the system.​
The tubing is installed in and around the fire risk areas within the protected risk. The tubing is pressurised and in communication with the valve which holds it in the closed position.


Alliance Extinguishing Agent

ABC Dry Chemical Powder – Furex ABC 770 ​

​Quick Knockdown – Dry powder, has the ability to ensure an initial quick knockdown of the fire. Dry Powder performs over 40% better than single agent foam/mist systems as proven by the ‘P’ Mark SPCR 183 tests.


Nozzle Types & Placement

Multiple Nozzles provide engine bay coverage
Nozzle 1​

(FF)Position at the top centre of the engine compartment and direct to provide complete coverage of the rear of the engine. Typically, the alternator and pulley/belts will be covered.


Post Discharge Cleaning Process

Alliance Field Service Engineers will attend your vehicle, perform a risk assessment and then remove the extinguishing agent and refresh the system allowing you to have your asset back on the road as soon as possible


Quality & Regulatory Approvals

Unece R107 Approval on 4KG, 6KG, 9KG Indirect Bus and coach systems​

Designed, manufactured & tested in ISO 9001: 2015 certified facilities CE Mark ​

PED 2014/68/EU​

CE Marked


ATT Fire Suppression System Testing Results

SPCR 183 testing results


Regulated comparisions with competitors equivalent products


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