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ATT Fire Suppression System Nozzle Placement & Types

Nozzle Placement And Types

System Summary:

Total Agent :6kgs ​

System(s) 1 x 6.0kg ​

Total Nozzles: 4​

Long Range – 2​

Flat Fan – 2​

Discharge Network(s) 3 port – 4 Nozzle​

Nozzle 1
(FF)Position at the top centre of the engine compartment and direct to provide complete coverage of the rear of the engine. Typically, the alternator and pulley/belts will be covered.​

Nozzle 2
(LR) Position on the right rear corner of the engine compartment aimed toward the turbo charger and exhaust manifold. This will also provide coverage to the right side of the engine & transmission.​

Nozzle 3​
(FF) Position at mid-engine aimed towards the rear of the vehicle. The discharge profile is aimed across the rear portion of the engine at the transmission housing.​

This nozzle is located to provide protection to the rear of the engine, transmission and accessory equipment area such as hydraulic pumps, etc.​
Nozzle 4​

(LR) Position on the right rear corner of the engine compartment aimed towards the front of the vehicle. This will provide coverage of the hydraulic reservoir and any associated pump & control units


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