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Fire Suppression Extinguishing Agent

Extinguishing Agent

ABC Dry Chemical Powder – Furex ABC 770 ​

Quick Knockdown – Dry powder, has the ability to ensure an initial quick knockdown of the fire. Dry Powder performs over 40% better than single agent foam/mist systems as proven by the ‘P’ Mark SPCR 183 tests. ​

Non-Conductor of Electricity – Dry powder can safely be used at incidents where it is known or suspected that ‘live’ electrical equipment is present.​

Good on Running Fuel Fires – Owing to its fire extinguishing action, dry powder, when used in conjunction with foam sprays, can be extremely effective when used on running fuel fires.​

Creates No Thermal Shock – Because the application of dry powder onto hot metal does not cause thermal shock, it is particularly useful for dealing with fires involving undercarriage assemblies.​

Good Heat Shield – The discharge of dry powder creates an effective shield against radiated heat. In cases where large quantities of powder are discharged, this has the potential to shield surrounding structures and personnel from the damaging effects of the fire.​

Wide Range Of Use – Dry powder extinguishers can be used on class A,B and C Fires.​

Wide Temperature Range – Typically can be used between -20oc to +60oc.​

Mass for mass the most effective fire-fighting medium.


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