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What is UNECE Regulation No. 107?

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UNECE 107 Certified Fire Suppression By ATT

The European legislation through UNECE has extracted 4 of 11 tests of SP Method 4912 which have been adopted in Regulation No. 107 Annex 13.​

The regulation states that installation and testing of fire suppression systems will be mandatory in engine compartments of all single-deck, double-deck, rigid or articulated vehicle of category M2 or M3 and specifically vehicles having a capacity exceeding 22 passengers. For Class III vehicles (seated passengers i.e. coaches) it will become compulsory July 2018 for new types of vehicles and July 2019 for all existing types. For Class I and II vehicles (e.g. city buses allowing standing passengers) it will become compulsory September 2020 (new types) and 2021 (all). The regulation also requires risk analysis to be performed before installing a system in an engine compartment.


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