New AdBlue Pump Volvo/Renault AEM0184

  • Euro 6
  • Volvo/Renault
  • 098644D224
  • AdBlue Pump

Our Volvo/Renault AdBlue Pumps are extensively tested using state of the art, specifically designed testing equipment. This ensures all units meet all OE specification prior to use.

Available for bus, coach, truck and plant industries.

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Weight 3 kg
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Product type

emissions control


Bus, Coach, Truck



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Why use Adblue?

Diesel engines are now required to meet strict NOx levels to comply with emission zone standards set out by local governments. The preferred method involves injecting a urea based chemical, more commonly named Adblue, directly into the exhaust system.

What are the common Adblue issues?

Adblue components are very susceptible to failure if misuse occurs or they are not serviced in line with manufacturers recommendations. Adblue system common failures include using out of date Adblue, cross contamination from filling stations and not following recommended service intervals.

What are the consequences of an Adblue Pump system failure?

A system failure can be very costly to an operator. Misuse of the system can cause premature failure of the dosing modules and injectors. It is integral that these units are maintained and the fluid is free from any contamination in order to allow the system to operate effectively.

How do you test Adblue units?

All products are extensively tested using state of the art specifically designed testing equipment to ensure all units meet all OE specification prior to use. Twelve months warranty is standard on all service exchange and repaired items. By using Alliance tested products and services the UK's largest fleet operators are witnessing huge expenditure savings.