Our market leading UNECE R107 TFL Compliant System has been designed using advanced indirect valve technology.

Our UNECE R107 TFL Compliant System allows operators to protect their assets and customers and adhere to the latest regulations. Efficient installation ensures there is minimal downtime and disruption to a customers fleet.

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ATT fire suppression

R107 Regulated System

Highest P-Mark Score

Low Cost Maintenance

10 Year Replacement Interval

Our lightweight powder system

The Alliance Transport Technologies R107 TFL Compliant Fire Suppression System utilises CTX Indirect Valve Technology. This technology employs the Alliance detection tube to automatically detect the fire and actuate the system.

When a fire occurs, the tubing will burst at the point of highest heat, the pressure loss in this process causes the valve to open. The result of the valve opening allows the extinguishing agent to be delivered through a network of discharge hoses leading to strategically placed nozzles within the hazard.

Fire Suppression Video
R107 Approved Fire Suppression System
R107 Approved Fire Suppression System

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