Volvo AdBlue Pump – Dosing Module Repair


  • Euro 6
  • Full Recondition of Volvo / Renault / Dennis Eagle Dosing Module
  • 098644D110, 098644D115, 85013130, 85013465, 85013737, 85020841, 21687107, 21911392, 22057001, 22169009, 22668886, 22169014, 22668890, 21966582, 7422668889, 7485020842, 0444022014, 0444022017, 0444022022, 0444022032, 0444022043, 0444022048, 0444022053, 0444022058, 0444022066, 0444022002, 0444022005, 0444022015, 0444022018, 0444022023, 0444022033, 0444022044, 0444022049, 0444022049, 0444022054, 0444022064, 0444022059, 0444022065



  • Volvo Euro 6 vehicle range
  • Renault Euro 6 vehicle range
  • Dennis Eagle Euro 6 vehicle range

The Volvo AdBlue Pump is a Gold Test-Level product and is the latest version within the Volvo range. This product can be offered for repair, service exchange or new.

The remanufactured option – both repair and service exchange, go through a series of rigorous assessment and testing procedures, with the result being a ‘new’ standard unit.

All key replacement parts are kept in stock, so the standard lead time always remains the same.

The range also benefits from a high percentage of recycled parts either from our core base or the ability to re-use elements within the same unit.



AdBlue Quality value should be 32.5%, with workshop capabilities extending to:

  • Testing AdBlue Grading
  • Contamination/presence of non-AdBlue solution
  • Full Report, with a sample of fluid
  • Accurate test of pressure readings
  • Urea Injection speed and amount



  • Seals and Air Solenoid replaced as standard
  • The system completely flushed of fluids and cleaned
  • Inline Filters replaced
  • Remove built-up debris and any crystalised AdBlue
  • Full atheistic refurbishment



OEM Manufacturer Cummins
OEM Part Numbers 5273338, 1705244
Euro Rating 6
Size OEM Standard
Weight (Packaging Dimensions) 6Kg (30x30x30cm)
Colour Silver
Test Standard Gold
Repair Standard Gold
Programming None
Voltage 24v
Carbon Savings 16.12Kg
ATT Part Number AEM5117



  • Gold Test capability
  • A high percentage of recycled parts
  • Key replacement parts kept in stock
  • 97% repair success rate
  • Service Exchange Available
  • Massive cost savings
  • Reduce e-waste
  • Help decarbonisation



A crucial component in the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System. Specifically designed to dispense the correct dosage of the AdBlue – also known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) – to reduce the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides released into the air.


*We aim to fully recondition your Volvo / Renault / Dennis Eagle Dosing Module at the price stated above, however in the event that your product requires additional parts to the standard repair we will then quote you the new price before we carry out any repairs.


Inquire within. Please call 0114 247 7041 for more information.

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AdBlue Pumps


Bus, Coach, Truck



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