New Super Capacitor Boost Pack ABPTR1224

The ABPTR 12/24 battery jump start pack from Alliance Transport Technologies has been specifically designed for numerous start-ups of large commercial vehicles. The battery boost packs are fitted with high capacity batteries, resulting in high cranking capabilities. The large power output ensures peak performance under key maintenance operations, such as fuel bleeding, oil pressure build-up, tail-life cycling as well as recurrent engine starting.


The ABPTR-1224 is fitted with 2 x PC1100 Enersys lead batteries. A standard Anderson Connector is used on each pack and voltage can be switched between 12, 24V and off. Using the three-way voltage dials avoids shortage and contact welding that may occur with traditional on/off isolator switches. Industrial croc clips with a built-in 1000A safety fuse reduces the likelihood of voltage loss. Storage holders on the reverse of the unit allow for safe storage of cables when not in use.


The pack is fitted with a digital voltmeter to display the available life of the batteries. This can also be used to test the alternator voltage output. In addition, the units are fitted with an anti-surge PCB board to avoid any power surges.


With the pack firmly on the ground, an engine is easily reachable with large output cables included. The pack also has a built-in trolley, making it easy to move around large sites.


The pack comes with a 7.0A premium external smart charger that can also recharge and maintain external batteries.


Typical Engines

Petrol – All

Diesel – Up To 18 Litres



  • High capacity Enersys PC1100 lead batteries
  • 3 point voltage switch to avoid contact welding and breakage
  • Digital voltmeter to display battery life and voltage of the alternator
  • Charger also acts as an external battery charger
  • Anti-surge PCB board to avoid spikes
  • 1000 Amp safety fuses
  • Durable plastic case
  • Built in trolley
  • Reverse polarity alarm



  • Peak Amps – 2450A
  • Nominal Voltage – 12/24V DC
  • Standing Voltage – 12.8V/25.6V DC
  • Amp/Hour Capacity – 45/45 Ah @10hr date (20ºc)
  • Fuse Rating – 1000A
  • Operating Temperature – -40ºc to +45ºc
  • Case – ABS Sock Resistant Plastic Casing
  • Charger – Premium 7Ah External Smart Charger
  • Weight – Approx. 37kg
  • Dimensions – 38w x 51h x 15d (cm)



Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Product type

boost packs


Bus, Coach, Truck



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Has my AdBlue Pump failed?

Adblue pump failures are very common in commercial vehicle and public transport sectors. Failures in the main come from a lack of maintenance of the systems, lack of maintenance can cause crystallisation issues which also lead to the system not operating correctly. Other failures can range from communication faults, Oil, coolant or fuel contamination, blowing fuses, water Ingress, various intermittent faults, various sensor faults, fault codes In units, connector and pin damaged.

How much do AdBlue Pumps cost?

Adblue pump costs can range dependant on what’s requested from the unit its self. If we a traditionally pumping unit the costs are lower than that of a unit that is programmed specifically to the vehicles chassis.

Where are AdBlue Pumps located?

Pumps on a bus/coach would be located at the rear of the vehicle close to the exhaust system and in contrast to a truck these would be located on the chassis of the tractor unit toward the second axle close enough to the exhaust system.

How do I know if my NOx Sensor has failed?

Typical NOx sensor failure symptoms would be identified with a warning (MIL) light and diagnostic tool plug in. Other symptoms of failure could be voltage spikes or vehicles entering a de-rate mode.

Can NOx Sensors be cleaned?

NOx sensors probes cannot be cleaned effectively enough to allow reuse of them although it doesn’t stop people from trying, it isn’t recommended.

Are all NOx Sensors under emissions warranty?

Typically the NOx sensors are covered under vehicle manufacturers warranty or parts warranty if the product has been purchased in the aftermarket.

Are all NOx Sensors the same?

No, all NOx sensors are not the same, the fundamental product material in terms of a probe, body and PBC are the same. However, the programming and parameters set by the OEM is the key in differentiating the sensors from each other, not just its physical differences.

Who manufactures NOx Sensors?

Majority of the industries NOx Sensors are manufactured by Continental in collaboration with NGK.

What causes NOx Sensors to fail?

NOx sensors typically fail due to excessive carbon exposure and build up over a period of time. However there are other reasons for failure this would be the major cause of failure.

Where are NOx Sensors located?

NOx sensors are located before (Upstream) and after (Downstream) the CAT (Catalytic Converter).

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To set up an account, contact our Parts team on 0114 247 7041, who will send you a form to fill in.

I don’t live in the UK, can you deliver to me?

Yes. We have many customers outside of the UK and can ship anywhere. Our carriage costs vary depending on location. For an accurate quote for delivery give our parts department a call.

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Can you offer morning delivery?

With our selected courier partners we can offer morning delivery at an extra charge.

What are the warranty terms on a new part?

All our new parts come with a minimum 12 months warranty

What if the part I require isnt on your website?

We have a number of supply chain agreements in place to ensure we offer specialist support at competitive prices. By having strong relationships with manufacturer partners it means we can supply almost any part for any vehicle, whether it be bus, coach or truck. Contact our parts department and we will see if we can source the part for you.

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