Wabco ECAS ECU Repair


Finding your tires aren’t completely on the road? That is potentially a sign of an ECAS Unit failure. Don’t wait until your safety is compromised. Call us now on 0114 247 7041 for your Wabco ECAS Unit Repair.




  • Air suspension operating failure
  • Blown power supply fuse
  • No power to the air suspension
  • Ride height adjustment not working


At Alliance Transport Technologies we have worked with our customers to identify the common faults on this ECAS unit and discussed how we can repair them.  The most common faults that we see relate to communication issues and accelerator faults.


When we receive an ECAS Unit to repair, we will talk to you about the faults that you have seen and then use our diagnostic equipment to test thoroughly for that fault as well a more thorough inspection of the unit.  We will then fix the faults we have found using components that satisfy our stringent quality criteria – and we believe we apply a higher quality standard than the manufacturer.



ECAS (Electronic Controlled Air Suspension) is a system that’s able to adapt to the various load conditions of a trailer. It is an electronic component that communicates via the ECU to adjust the trailer riding height for loading and unloading which creates less wear and tear on the trailer.




  • OEM Manufacturer – Wabco
  • OEM Part Numbers – 4461700030, 4461702250, 81258117010, 81258117008, 4461702180, 1917197, 81258117033, 81258117034, 81258117029, 4461702190
  • Euro Rating – 6
  • Size – cm
  • Weight – Kg
  • Colour – Black
  • Repair Standard – Gold
  • Programming – No
  • Voltage – 24v
  • Carbon Savings –  Kg
  • ATT Part Number – AEC5026

Need another type of ECU? Take a look at our ECU repair range.


We are able to power up these units, we would carry out a basic unit check which includes a physical inspection and testing which includes testing the units input, output, continuity and the units communications. Any visual issues that are apparent will also be inspected and reported on. Any issues that have been caused that relate to a software issue may not be resolved.


*We aim to fully recondition your Wabco ECAS Unit at the price stated above, however in the event that your product requires additional parts to the standard repair we will then quote you the new price before we carry out any repairs.


Inquire within. Please call 0114 247 7041 for more information.

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