Bus and coach maintenance feature responses by Marc Haley, Director at Alliance Transport Technologies

  • Has Alliance noticed a trend toward increasing numbers of reman parts, for environmental reasons, for example?

I would say that the economical strains on businesses have been the major factor behind increasing the reason for remanufactured parts. A drive from local authorities on clean air zones and compliance with emissions has of course had a positive impact on the environment, but it has meant operators have to invest in newer, cleaner technology. With the costs of new products being high, the economy challenges operators face forces them to look at alternative solutions such as remanufacturing services.


  • What are the technical issues involved in specifying reman vs original parts?

 Specification of remanufactured products versus original parts depends on the product itself. In relation to Alliance Transport Technologies, we use all original equipment products when remanufacturing. As the units we remanufacture have very little impact on the vehicle’s operating safety feature, i.e braking or steering products, the specification required to meet original part quality is still of the highest standard. All of the units we remanufacture are in-line with OEM level initial assembly, so much so that OEMs purchase remanufactured products from us for their aftermarket programmes.

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