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Wiring Looms

Wiring looms, wiring harnesses and cable harnesses are very interchangeable terms. In the electronics industry, they are very different and let us tell you why. Cable harnesses are meant for external uses and are typically found to be made of more robust materials for coverings and sheaths as they are exposed to heat, friction and moisture. Whereas, wiring harnesses are used internally for the wiring inside the electronic components.


A faulty wire or poorly constructed wiring looms can cause irreparable damage to your electronic controllers, components, and vehicle fires in certain situations. Most would assume with electronic product development the least concern would be the actual wiring; unfortunately, that’s wrong.

Wiring harnesses that are of poor design and quality typically have:

• Loose wires and connections
• Wrong type of wiring
• Untidy cable management

Wiring Loom Repair Service
Wiring Loom Assembly


Instead of purchasing a brand new wiring looms system, often the simplest and more cost-effective option is a repair. At Reman Parts we have over 25 years of experience working with wiring looms for the 24v Commercial Vehicle sector.

Our highly experienced team can not only remanufacture existing systems but can manufacture wiring looms to exact specifications for example, on connector systems including Tyco, Delphi, Deutsch and Cannon. Normally our customers come to us for:

• A full repair on both sealed and unsealed systems
• Full cloning capabilities in the creation of a new wiring harness
• Test, diagnosis and inspection of faults within all types of loom

24v Systems

We can work on any 

24v system

Over 25 years of experience

Our experts have over 

25 years of experience

Inspection costs start at £95

Inspection cost

is £95

We value ourselves on the level of honesty and transparency we have at Reman Parts because it ensures the trust and loyalty to all of our customers by being competitive against dealership pricing, making us quicker, more reliable and significantly reducing lead times, getting you back on the road in no time at all. Our excellent customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions and give advice where needed, making the experience of booking your repair much smoother and easier.

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