At Last, NOx Sensors You Can Rely on

NOx sensors have become notorious for their unreliability, with many faults occurring across the sector. Given their importance, this is cause for some serious concern. We don’t need to tell you how critical it is to have NOx sensors that are dependable and accurate. What you need is a better option.

So we made one. We launched our own Alliance TT Aftermarket NOx Sensors. Highly tested, with NGK equivalent sensor probes, ceramic NOx sensor and a microprocessor. For example, our NOx Sensor Scania Euro 6 is one of our best selling products to date.

A NOx Sensor to Beat the Rest

As one of the UK’s leading remanufacturer and supplier of emissions control technologies, Alliance TT is uniquely positioned to bring together the best in the business to find a solution for one of the industry’s ongoing frustrations.

Working with reputable and managed overseas factories, our NOx Sensor products are developed and then shipped to the UK to be sub-assembled and tested by UK engineers in our Chesterfield and Cleckheaton test centre’s.

Through our test centre’s, we can provide a complete product package, including a full audit trail that is accredited to ISO 9001–managed by the UK Parts Team–guaranteeing quality and reliability every time.

All of our NOx sensors undergo stringent testing procedures, including parametric testing, dynamic testing and compliance testing, to ensure their quality. What’s more, all sensors are assessed against genuine OE sensors to verify their superior performance in the market.

Random compliance checks are then carried out, fitting the NOx Sensors to vehicles to monitor their on-road performance.

To ensure peace of mind, every Alliance TT NOx Sensor comes with a 12-month warranty, an assurance from us that our NOx Sensors meet the highest production and application standards.

ATT Scania NOx Sensor

Committed to Zero Emissions

Alliance Transport Technologies is committed to delivering solutions contributing to a zero-emissions culture across the transport industry. We do this by developing better parts and products that move us all in a greener direction and are of higher quality standards than other alternative parts.

Our Top 12 NOx Sensors

  1.   DAF NOx Sensor AEM0094AT
  2.   DAF NOx Sensor AEM0104AT
  3.   NOx Sensor Scania Euro 6 AEM0050AT
  4.   NOx Sensor Volvo/Renault AEM0008AT
  5.   NOx Sensor Scania Euro 6 AEM0049AT
  6.   NOx Sensor Mercedes AEM0059AT
  7.   NOx Sensor Mercedes AEM0127AT
  8.   Man NOx Sensor AEM0119AT
  9.   NOx Sensor Mercedes AEM0083AT
  10.   DAF NOx Sensor AEM0093AT
  11.   NOx Sensor Volvo/Renault AEM0066AT
  12.   NOx Sensor Mercedes AEM0121AT

The NOx Sensor Scania Euro 6 is now available from the Alliance Transport Technologies website, along with an extensive range of other high-quality parts and products. 

If you have any questions at all please do get in touch with us or drop us a call on 0114 2477041 and we’ll do our best to help.


“We have been really pleased with the ATT NOx Sensor. An after-market solution was needed as affordability is important. However, what was paramount was to have a quality and highly tested product that we could rely on. Alliance TT have delivered this, and we can highly recommend them for NOx Sensors and other parts.”

Greg Norman
Workshop Manager
Maurice Hill Transport