Why it is important to choose the right NOx Sensor

The smart Nitrogen Oxide Sensor (NOx) is built to detect high levels of nitrogen oxides within the exhaust emissions of a vehicle. The sensor feeds back intelligence to the ECU of the system, this includes the NOx level measurements during a duty cycle. If the guideline parameters are not met an emissions light will appear on the vehicles instrument cluster, forcing operators to investigate and take action.

This is an integral part of the system and failures in the NOx sensor can cause the vehicle to default to “Limp Mode”, resulting in a reduction in output performance. This reduction in performance can often reach such a level that the vehicle will not accelerate above manufactures specified tolerances. There are a few reasons behind sensor failures, however the main reason is the condition of the vehicle’s engine. Regular servicing is paramount for ensuring the carbon output is as low as possible. Low carbon output reduces the likelihood of premature sensor failures due to “carbon clogging” of the sensor probe. Regular maintenance servicing such as oil changes and valve clearance are key to ensuring longevity. Running vehicles with emissions failures will cause unwanted attention from local authorities therefore it is key to resolve the issues quickly to avoid prosecution.

Alliance Transport Technologies is the UK’s leading supplier of emissions control products, with the largest range of OE NOx sensors available to date. In 2019 we supplied over 10,000 sensor stock units to the UK’s transport sector. With a 99% first pick rate, OE product, nationwide next day delivery and a 12 month warranty guarantee we are the UK’s Emission Control Specialists.

Our range of NOx sensors are built to meet strict OE specifications. Our sensor probes, internal ceramic board, central processing chip and external body are all manufactured using the highest quality materials for the best performance.

Using our state of the art testing capabilities we can provide operators with detailed feedback on unit conditions such as CAN communications capability, oxygen and NOx level readings. This also forms part of the process undertaken prior to dispatch to ensure the product meets our quality standards upon delivery to the customer.

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