Why use an ATT Super Capacitor Boost Pack?

With the cold weather creeping in, the Alliance Transport Technologies, (ATT) range of Ultra Capacitor Boost Packs are in significant demand!

Our 12/24V packs are used in bus, coach, and commercial vehicle depots and workshops to ensure their everyday operations across the UK are not being disrupted. Our 12V Boost Packs, which are used in independent garages, sales forecourts, auction houses and many more, are suitable for motorbikes, cars and vans.

The range of Super Capacitor Boost Packs from ATT utilise the very latest capacitor technology with active balancing. ATT’s cell balancing technology ensures the voltage is maintained within our packs for up to 30 days! Unlike a conventional battery operating system, Super Capacitors have an extensive life cycle. The ATT Super Capacitor Boost Pack can be charged and discharged up to a million times before any form of degradation is visible. In comparison, 1,000 batteries would run out before 1 Super Capacitor would!

ATT Super Capacitor Boost Packs are the most powerful Boost Pack on the market, with a power output of 4’300A for the 12V Packs, and 9’000/18’000 for the 12/24V Packs. Batteries usually take up to several hours to reach full charge, however, our Boost Packs reach full charge within 30 seconds!

As well as this, capacitor technology withstands operating temperatures between -40°c and +50°c – meaning they are usable in any situation and environment!

Our Boost Pack’s exterior is made from refined reinforced plastic; meaning they’re lightweight, making them easy to move around a busy workshop or depot. They have various built-in safety functions, including 2 safety fuses; 1 built into the heavy-duty clamps and 1 for the Anderson Connector. Also included is a reverse polarity alarm and industrial copper cables.

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