We offer a specialist engineering recruitment service to operators, main dealers and fleet rental companies nationwide.

Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent engineers, we offer a specialist engineering recruitment solution to operators, main dealers and fleet rental companies within the bus, coach and commercial vehicle industries.

If you require a skilled engineer to assist with mechanical, body or electrical issues; to cover holiday, sickness or even just to increase capacity, we can support all of your needs.

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Technically Skilled Engineers

Reduce Costs with Agencies

Temporary or Full Time Staff

Protected and Invested Workforce

Specialist Resourcing Mission

At Alliance, we aim to tackle the industry-wide shortage of skilled engineers, which is leading to many operators having to rely on costly agencies to subcontract labour.

“The main aim of our resourcing function is to provide operators with permanent engineers that they employ, helping to reduce the dependence on agencies.”

“We’re passionate about helping operators establish a conventional, skilled workforce. As such, wherever the operator requires it, we will source a full-time employee for them, with the temporary contractor always being seen as just that, temporary.”

“It’s our long-term goal to replace the traditional contract labour hire model with one that offers operators a workforce that is protected, invested in and of high quality.”


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