New On Board Charging Kit for TP Range Powervamp APV0011

  • New On Boarding Charging Kit for TP Range
  • SPA-OBCK-TP-1224
  • Powervamp
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boost packs


Bus, Coach, Truck



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Can I overcharge the Boost Pack? Resulting in damage to the Boost Pack or the vehicle?

No. When the pack is fully charged, the vehicle will stop charging the pack. You can also leave it on charge from the mains power outlet without any damage being caused.

With a battery pack you must change the batteries after time. Do I have to replace Capacitors?

No. Capacitors have been tried and tested to have over 1 million cycles of charging and depleting! So, they will never need replacing.

I have damaged my Boost Pack through incorrect use! Do I have to buy a replacement?

No, we have a department dedicated to Battery and Capacitor Boost Pack repairs. If this happens, please call 0114 247 7041 and press option 1.

My Boost Pack doesn’t charge from the Croc Clips and doesn’t charge from the Anderson Connector. What do I do?

In the event of this happening, please check the safety fuse hasn’t broken within the red Croc handle or in the body of the Boost Pack, due to incorrect use.

One of the safety fuses has broken! Where can I buy a new one?

We stock safety fuses on the shelf, as well as other accessories for your Boost Pack.

I want to use the Anderson Connector on my pack, but I don’t have a lead. Where can I get one?

We build, stock and sell a variety of different kinds and lengths of leads.

What Voltage should my pack charge up to when fully charged?

Our Boost Packs overcharge to 28.5V on the 24V side, and 14.5V on the 12V side. They then settle to 24.5V on the 24V side, and 12.4V on the 12V side.

How long will my pack hold charge for if I don’t use it?

The pack will hold charge for up to 2 weeks but will then start to gradually deplete. Before using your ATT Super Capacitor Boost Pack, always check the Voltage using the yellow test button. If it has completely depleted, a quick 30 second boost from your vehicle, or a 30-minute boost from a mains socket, will have you back on the road!

How long does the pack take to charge from a mains adapter?

The main benefit of Capacitors is how fast they charge! From depleted to fully recharged, it will take 30 minutes! Whereas, a conventional battery pack can take 6 – 9 hours!

Do I get warranty with my Alliance Boost Pack?

Yes! You get a 12 month warranty, which covers unit failure but NOT user error.