DAF VIC 2 Euro 5 ECU Repair


  • Euro 5
  • Full recondition of DAF VIC2
  • 1364166, 1639082


Applicable Vehicles

DAF LF & CF Trucks



The DAF VIC2 ECU is Silver-Grade test product. All areas can be tested for faults, with majority of the unit being able to be tested on custom built test equipment showing definitive working signals and communication of the unit.

The repair service carried out by the reman team, allows the customer to save on the cost of a new unit and the cost of programming, as the unit will still be allocated to the original vehicle.

With the help of fault descriptions from customers, the reman engineers will be able to carry out a precise investigation and repair of this unit.

The range benefits from high percentage of recycled parts either from our core base or the ability to re-use elements within the same unit.


What we test

Every unit is first inspected for damage to the PCB before being plugged into the test equipment. Once plugged in the test equipment can test the following:

  • Main Lights
  • Indicator Lights
  • Screen wash motor output
  • Communication


What we reman

  • Heat Damage to the PCB
  • Remove and replace damaged components
  • Replace main IC’s
  • Repair PCB track damage


Common Faults

  • Indicator fault
  • Surge protection blown not powering up
  • Wiper output blown
  • Lights stuck on vehicle
  • Cabin lock fault
  • Damaged tracks



OEM Manufacturer Siemens VDO
OEM Part Numbers 1364166, 1639082
Euro Rating 5
Size OEM Standard
Weight (Packaging Dimensions)
Colour Grey
Test Standard Silver
Repair Standard Gold
Programming Yes
Voltage 24v
Carbon Savings 16.12Kg
ATT Part Number AEC5042, AEC5044


Key Benefits

  • High Repair Success
  • High fault knowledge
  • Key replacement parts kept on stock
  • Core elements of unit re-used


Unit Function

A VIC units’ function is there to control the various vehicle control systems. This includes Lighting, Direction Indicators, Windscreen Wipers, Windscreen Washer, Speed Signals, Status Signals and Warning Signals on the Dashboard. The unit is also directly connected to the Supply Voltage and the main power ECU’s.


*We aim to fully recondition your product at the price stated above, however, in the event that your product requires additional parts to the standard repair, we will quote you the new price before we carry out any more repairs.


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