Mercedes PLD ECU Repair


Mercedes PLD Engine ECU failure is a common issue across the Mercedes Atego, Axor, Actros, Solo, Citaro. Call us now on 0114 308 7760 to book in your repair!


  • Not running off 3 cylinders causing the vehicle to run in limp
  • Injector fault
  • Plug issues
  • Liquid ingress (oil or water)
  • Individual component faults


At Reman Parts we have worked with our customers to identify the common faults on this unit and how we can repair them.  The most common faults that we see relate to communication issues and accelerator faults.


When we receive a unit to fix, we will talk to you about the faults that you have seen and then use our diagnostic equipment to test thoroughly for that fault as well a more thorough inspection of the unit.  We will then fix the faults we have found using components that satisfy our stringent quality criteria – and we believe we apply a higher quality standard than the manufacturer.




An ECU (electronic control unit) is a small computer inside a vehicle that can control either one or several electrical systems simultaneously. It send signals to all of the electrical systems and tells them what to do and how to operate.




  • OEM Manufacturer – Mercedes
  • OEM Part Numbers – A0014463340, A0404473240, A0404476640, A0414472440, A0624470540, A9064437240, A0614471040, A0104469240, A0844470040
  • Euro Rating – 3,4 & 5
  • Size – 18cm x 28cm x 8cm
  • Weight – 1.3 Kg
  • Colour – Black
  • Repair Standard – Gold
  • Programming – No
  • Voltage – 24v
  • Carbon Savings – 5.24 Kg
  • ATT Part Number – AED5003
  • Reman Parts Number – RP-EDC003

Need another type of ECU? Take a look at our ECU repair range.


This is one of our premium products and our internal testing procedures mirror that. We have full in house testing capability on this product, this unit will undergo our gold standard process which sees us able to test every aspect of the units functionality pre and post repair.


*We aim to fully recondition your Mercedes PLD Engine ECU at the price stated above, however in the event that your product requires additional parts to the standard repair we will then quote you the new price before we carry out any repairs.


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Bus, Coach, Truck



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What is ECU testing?

Our ECU testing facilities allow us to pin point the faults that lie behind the ECU failure if indeed there is one. We would carry out varies tests and assessments to ensure the units operation meets the OEM requirements.

Why does an ECU fail?

An ECU can fail for various reasons and its not as simple as it may sound. ECU’s have circuits that operate various parts of the vehicles. Communication faults generally would be the symptoms of an issue with the unit, faults would typically be a voltage spike or water ingress causing a burn out of the units PCB.

Has my AdBlue Pump failed?

Adblue pump failures are very common in commercial vehicle and public transport sectors. Failures in the main come from a lack of maintenance of the systems, lack of maintenance can cause crystallisation issues which also lead to the system not operating correctly. Other failures can range from communication faults, Oil, coolant or fuel contamination, blowing fuses, water Ingress, various intermittent faults, various sensor faults, fault codes In units, connector and pin damaged.

How much do AdBlue Pumps cost?

Adblue pump costs can range dependant on what’s requested from the unit its self. If we a traditionally pumping unit the costs are lower than that of a unit that is programmed specifically to the vehicles chassis.

Where are AdBlue Pumps located?

Pumps on a bus/coach would be located at the rear of the vehicle close to the exhaust system and in contrast to a truck these would be located on the chassis of the tractor unit toward the second axle close enough to the exhaust system.

What Instrument Clusters can we remanufacture?

There are a few instrument cluster manufacturers but in the main the manufacturers within our industry consist of Continental (Germany), DENSO (Japan), Magneti Marelli (Italy), Robert Bosch (Germany), Here at ATT our team have the capabilities to repair and restore these products back to OEM standard.

What is Instrument Cluster testing?

Instrument cluster testing is an instrument cluster that is placed on a test bed and checked for various signals, voltages and visual dial checks. Here at ATT, we have all those in house capabilities.

What is an Instrument Cluster?

An instrument cluster repair is a wide term and symptoms of these needing a repair can be, gauge faults, warning light faults, back light or Illumination faults, water Ingress, screen faults, CAN signal failure, audible warning fault, mechanical air gauge faults all of which can cause significant issues but these can all be repaired through our specialist remanufacturing team.

Can you repair a part which is not listed on your website?

We can remanufacture just about any electrical or electronic part on any bus, coach, truck, crane or plant equipment other than rotating units e.g. starter motors and alternators. We specialise in the remanufacture of:

  • Instrument Clusters
  • ECUs
  • Adblue Pumps
  • Gearbox Lids
  • Switches
  • Speedos
  • Switch Panels
  • PCBs
  • Harnesses
Please feel free to contact us to discuss any items you may have for repair.

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What warranty do you offer on a remanufactured part?

At Alliance Transport Technologies we provide quality remanufactured parts with a 12-month warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.

Will my part need to be re-coded to my vehicle after it has been repaired?

Most modern ECUs, instrument clusters, adblue pumps, gearbox lids and gear selectors are coded to vehicles. When we repair your unit, as long as it is refitted to the same original vehicle, there will be no need to re-code it. Not only will you then be saving 60-70% off the price of a new unit when we repair yours, but you will also be saving up to £200 on the price of having a new unit coded to your vehicle.

Do you have a free collection service?

Yes we have a free collection service. We can organise a free collection from anywhere in mainland UK. You can phone, email or fill in our online collection form.

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Do you offer a drop in service?

Yes we have a drop in service. Bring your urgent vehicle off road (VOR) parts to us and we will do our best to repair your part whilst you wait. All we ask is that you contact us prior to visiting to ensure a suitable engineer is available. Please allow 3-4 hours for this service. This is a very popular service and is strictly first come first served. A £45.00+VAT charge may be applicable.

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How long will my repair take?

We aim to complete the repairs to your unit on the same day we receive it. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround times. Day 1 - You can phone, email or fill in our online collection form and we will organise a free collection of your part from anywhere in mainland UK Day 2 - Your part will be remanufactured, tested and quality checked before being dispatched back to you. All remanufactured parts come with a full 12 month warranty. Day 3 - You receive your part to be refitted with peace of mind that you have a quality remanufactured part supplied with a 12 month warranty resulting in minimised downtime and maximised cost savings