Alliance Transport Technologies Improves Air Quality With Emissions Control Retrofit Programme

14 January 2019 – Aftermarket solutions supplier, Alliance Transport Technologies, has played a key role in the fight against air pollution in UK cities with its renowned retrofit programme, working to create a number of clean air zones across the country.


Following successful emissions control projects in London, York, Sheffield and Southampton, Alliance Transport Technologies has been selected to retrofit selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems to more than 500 buses across the UK, working with emissions control partner.


Clean air zone projects are soon to commence in Glasgow, Dundee and Bristol with Alliance Transport Technologies assisting in the improvement of the emissions efficiency of diesel buses in the country as part of the clean air zones initiative.


The SCR systems work by utilising emissions control technology to inject a reductant agent through a catalyst into the exhaust stream of a diesel engine.


This reductant – also known as AdBlue – converts oxides into nitrogen, water and small amounts of carbon dioxide – natural components of the air we breathe – and expels them through the vehicle’s exhaust. As more regulations, such as Euro 6, and clean air zones add pressure to fleet operators, these reductants can help vehicles meet strict legislations and assist in reducing the harmful emissions produced by commercial fleets.


Speaking about the projects, Stuart Raikes said: “The emissions control retrofit programme is a prestigious and important project and one that we’re very proud to be working on. It’s great to be able to demonstrate how we are making UK city’s buses less harmful to the environment by improving their emissions control capabilities. This is an ongoing programme and we’re committed to helping support the whole air quality initiatives.


“The government’s broader Air Quality Plan aims to improve air quality and address the sources of pollution, and our services assist in this movement. We can fully refurbish AdBlue dosing pumps at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand-new replacement part, offering options to operators when it comes to fleet management.”


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