From AdBlue Pumps to Transmission, Reman Part's Top 5 Specialisations


Remanufacturing plays an important part in the automotive industry, helping components to last longer and operate better. Not to mention, it’s more cost- and environment-friendly than buying new parts. 

For more than 30 years, the Reman Parts team have remanufactured electronic components. In 2022, we successfully remanufactured 908 AdBlue Pumps, 907 ECUs and 484 Instrument Clusters for commercial vehicles within the bus, truck and coach sectors.

We also remanufacture gearboxes, boost packs, switches, controls, and other transmission parts. It’s safe to say we know our stuff.

These are our top 5 remanufacturing specialisations (based on client demand):


As fleet managers and engineers know, AdBlue pumps are a crucial part of diesel engines. The most common fault we see with AdBlue is contaminated fluid in the filter housing, leading to degraded internal parts. The type of unit that is most often in for repair and remanufacturing is the Volvo/Renault Euro 5 AdBlue Pump AEM5010.

Our remanufacturing division has a long-standing reputation for its repairs on AdBlue Dosing Units. For the Euro V and Euro VI products available today, we can offer a service exchange or repair service, giving our customers a service that goes above and beyond.

Our AdBlue pump repairs team check for corrosion, clean all the parts to near-new standards and reassembles them with new seals, connectors and valves. All of our remanufactured products come with a 12-month warranty, nationwide collection and customers are quoting savings of up to 70% on their Emissions Control by switching to Reman Parts. Book your AdBlue Pump repair today!


Responsible for the vehicle’s operation, fleet managers can’t afford for ECUs (Electronic Control Units) to be faulty. The most common ECU product we see come for repair is the DAF Euro 6 ECU AED5033 with intermittent CAN/sensor issues, leading to communication errors. Choosing Reman Parts, means you get a thoroughly tested part, save on costs, and are more environmentally friendly than purchasing a new part. With a 12-month warranty, we are the first choice for many people with a fleet of vehicle


Instrument cluster units (ICUs) provide vital information about the vehicle’s performance, from temperature gauges to speedometers. When this instrument starts to break down, it presents a huge risk to the driver and any passengers. At our testing facilities, we can quickly locate faults and repair products from major manufacturers like Scania, Volvo, DAF, MAN and more.

The most common product we have come in for repair is the Volvo Instrument Cluster AIC5001 with Air Gauge faults or inoperable indicators.


We repair, remanufacture and test the switches and controls for all makes and models of most major commercial vehicles, including Alexander Dennis, Dennis Eagle, Mercedes, Optare, Scania, Volvo and more. This includes climate control units, column switches, dash switches, flasher units, remote units, and switch and control modules. 

At RPL, we use a range of techniques to ensure that each switch and control is working as it should.


Whether manual transmissions, automatic transmission parts, transfer cases, drive shafts, differentials and other transmission parts, Alliance TT has an established history of remanufacturing and reconditioning transmission products.

Our transmission repairs team will not only thoroughly diagnose any faults with the transmission parts but also adjust the parts themselves to reach the original transmission specification. The team can also provide full rebuild services, meaning it’s as good as new.

RPL is a market leader in remanufacturing vehicle parts and products. We have high levels of testing, and our success rate is second to none. Visit our contact page today to book a collection, chat with us on Melu Chat or call our customer service team on 0114 247 7041.


“As a commercial vehicle repairer, it is my job to ensure that my customers get their vehicles back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Reman Parts, helps me achieve this regularly through their efficient remanufacturing expertise, quality, and processes. Repairing a unit through Reman Parts provides me with good cost savings and carbon savings meaning I am looking out for my wallet and the planet. ”

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