Save Time, Energy & The Planet With AdBlue Pump Repair

With concerns lately around the impact vehicles are having on our environment, people have become more self aware of their choices , and ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Within the year of 2020 we saw 33.8 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste in the UK, this demonstrates that there is still progress to be made when it comes to being more environmentally friendly and reducing the country’s carbon emissions.

In 2018, the UK generated 37.2 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste (C&I), compared to 33.8 million tonnes of C&I waste generated in 2020. This shows us that there has been a 10% reduction in 2 years. Even though this is good, there is still room for improvement.

As a company, we understand the economical concerns that commercial fleet managers have with regards to production reusability, time and energy consumption.

When it comes to remanufacturing, Alliance Transport Technologies(ATT) have got you covered, especially with our AdBlue Pumps. We are able to provide you with an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient re-manufacturing/repair service on your vehicle parts.

In one of our previous blogs, we focused on 3 of our Gold Standard AdBlue Pumps, which you can view here!

This time around, we will be continuing our focus on our other 3 Gold Standard AdBlue Pump Services.

Volvo / Renault / AdBlue Pump Dosing Module Repair

The Volvo/Renault Euro 5 AdBlue Pump is one of Alliance Transport Technologies Gold Test-Level products.

Our product can be offered for repair with available options for onsite Volvo programming within the Reman workshop at Clowne.

The range also benefits from a high percentage of recycled parts either from our core base or the ability to re-use elements within the same unit. This then will ensure that we are playing our part to ensure all of our Reman products are environmentally friendly. 

Likewise, all key replacement parts are kept on stock, so the standard lead time always remains the same. This means that Fleet Managers are able to be at ease with regards to the lead time, and not have to wait as long compared to if they ordered a new part.

You can find out more about our Adblue Pump here!

Volvo AdBlue Pump – Dosing Module Repair

The Volvo AdBlue Pump is a Gold Test-Level product and is the latest version within the Volvo range.

The remanufactured option – both repair and service exchange, go through a series of rigorous assessment and testing procedures, with the result being a ‘new’ standard unit.

We like to ensure that we are doing our part in reducing the amount of manufacturing time spent on our product to show our commitment to decarbonisation. Choosing to go the Remanufacturing route, means that less time is spent on these products. Which allows us to save the amount of Carbon Dioxide used by going the Reman route for our customers.

Click the links to find out how the Volvo AdBlue Pump can be offered for repair, service exchange or as a complete new part.

Iveco Version 2 AdBlue Pump – Dosing Module Repair

Similar to the other 2 AdBlue Pumps listed above, this pump is also one of our Gold Test-Level products.

As mentioned previously, we ensure that our key products are kept in stock to ensure we stay consistent with our lead times. Which will then show to our clients that we are a reliable supplier for them.

Alliance Transport Technologies process has a series of rigorous assessment and testing procedures, with the result being a ‘new’ standard unit.

To find out more about our Iveco AdBlue Pump, click here!


  • Gold Test capability
  • High percentage of recycled parts
  • Key replacement parts kept in stock

To find out more information about our Remanufactured AdBlue Pumps, click here! 

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