Should Your Fleet Invest In Battery and Capacitor Boost Packs?

With Autumn now underway and Winter fast approaching, many will be waking up to the most troublesome problem any driver has the displeasure of experiencing: a non-starting vehicle.

Your vehicles are much more vulnerable to the elements that accompany the chillier months ahead, resulting in flat batteries. This inconvenience is annoying enough for the average commuter, but detrimental to companies who depend on the reliable operations of their fleets. Avoid the disruption a flat battery can have on your business, and keep your staff warm, by investing in a high-quality Battery or Capacitor Boost Pack.

Keep Your Fleet Ready To Hit The Street

By using the very latest capacitor technology, we’ve created the most powerful Boost Packs on the market. Our Boost Packs are specifically designed for numerous start-ups of large commercial vehicles and have the ability to re-charge from any vehicle back to full capacity in less than 30 seconds. That means your fleet stays active, your customers remain happy, and your business continues to be profitable.

Whether you need a high-powered Battery Boost Pack ideal for that additional cranking time required or a Super Capacitor Boost Pack designed for that immediate boost, we have the solution for your precise needs.

Our Battery Boost Packs

Revive your vehicle with a dependable Battery Boost Pack that offers a superior energy density.

Our new ABPTR1224 Battery Boost Pack features a highly-capable 12/24v start pack that’s perfect for regular use on all sizes of vehicles.

Our Capacitor Boost Packs

Ideal for bus, coach, or commercial vehicle depots, our lightweight Capacitor Boost Packs have the ability to charge much faster than a conventional Battery Boost Pack.
If you need a Boost Pack designed for usage in large commercial operations, our ASC1224TR Super Capacitor has the power to jump any vehicle type from a small bus through to a military tank!! Super capacitor boost-packs
Explore our range of market-leading Boost Packs now! Boost Packs