Volvo I-Shift Gear Selector Repair


  • Volvo I-Shift Gear Selector Repair
  • Volvo
  • Euro 4 and 5
  • 433100050, 20483922, 20483920, 85000181, 85000182, 21024539, 21073035, 21456378, 21937971, 22647913, 21073035, 21456378, 21937971, 22647913, 22647976, 20995620, 21024544, 21074853, 21456388, 21937985, 22647929
  • ATR5010 and ATR5014
  • Remanufactured Parts Number – RP-TRA014


Vehicle Models:

  • Volvo: B Series, FM, FM 9, FH, FH12, FH16, 9700, B12B, B12M, B9R, B9TlFM12.


Common faults:

  • Buttons not working correctly
  • Permanent pressure on the gear stick leading to breakdown
  • Failure from drink spillages


We are able to power up these units, we would carry out a basic unit check which includes a physical inspection and testing which includes testing the units input, output, continuity and the units communications. Any visual issues that are apparent will also be inspected and reported on. Any issues that have been caused that relate to a software issue may not be resolved.


*We aim to fully recondition and repair your Volvo I-Shift Gear Selector at the price stated above, however in the event that your product requires additional parts to the standard repair we will then quote you the new price before we carry out any repairs.


I-Shift is Volvo Trucks’ Range of Automated Gearboxes

Automated gearboxes have become a key component in enhancing the driving experience, aiming to simplify, secure, and improve overall comfort. The precision of each gear change is seamlessly orchestrated, providing automatic adjustments for optimal timing. The latest generation boasts even faster and smoother shifts, surpassing previous standards. Diverse software packages offer customisation options to tailor the gearbox to specific preferences. Noteworthy features, such as one-pedal driving in specific scenarios, contribute to the versatility of these systems. Depending on the vehicle model, variations of the automated gearbox introduce innovative possibilities, such as models equipped with crawler gears or the dual-clutch configuration.


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