How remanufacturing and service exchange product can reduce your spend

As the UK’s leading emissions control specialists we understand the key sustainability factors required to support the continuous strive to reduce global emission levels. Our remanufacturing process and service exchange range of products are a major factor in contributing to the wider environmental piece.

During the remanufacturing process up to 90% of existing materials are restored. Our 2019 emissions product figures outlined an estimated 20 tonnes of “scrap product” was prevented from going to landfill. Working closely with some of the UK’s leading transport operators has allowed us to not only reduce product being sent to disposal sites but to also dramatically reduce the carbon footprint that is incurred throughout the disposal process.

We are continuously educating our customers on the benefits and quality of remanufactured products. Working in partnership with us has helped many of our customers achieve the key targets outlined in their corporate responsibility plans. The most important element for us and our valued customers is to provide a sustainable process that clearly displays the benefits of working with a business that in turn provides a sustainable solution. Not only is the remanufacturing process good for the environment it also provides operators with a cost effective product. Some operators quoting up to a 60% saving on their net spend in 12 months from working with us.

A typical example of working with ATT is outlined below. Our valued customer identified a significant spend on one product range that they needed to reduce. We supported the customer by providing a cost effective alternative that met all OEM specifications and criteria.

In the first 12 month period and by using historic data to track trends and customer usage, we were able to provide the customer with an instant saving by switching to our ATT OEM new brand, whilst also generating that all important exchange core product. After a three month period in Q2 we switched the customer to our service exchange product, resulting in an even greater saving but with the same product; only remanufactured. Not only a significant financial saving but helping them with a sustainable solution in the process.

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