Remanufacturing AdBlue Pumps

Your business is important to us and making sure you have the right parts first time every time is an essential part of your business. All parts from Alliance Transport Technologies are genuine OEM specification of the highest standard and tested to achieve the very best quality.

This new series of blog posts will highlight all of the services we offer and how they can help you when buying your OEM parts. This first part in this new series is all about our remanufactured AdBlue pumps.

We are the UK’s leading supplier and remanufacturer of emissions control technologies, offering the complete package to our customers including Adblue Pumps, NOx Sensors and Dosing Valves.

Our Head of AdBlue Remanufacturing, Mike Higgins is dedicated to helping Alliance Transport Technologies remanufacture AdBlue products while ensuring running costs are kept to a minimum. 

mike higgins head of adblue manufacturing

Remanufactured Adblue Pumps

We have a range of Adblue pumps that fit buses, coaches and trucks depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle. We offer: 

Benefits of Remanufactured AdBlue Pumps

  • Savings of up to 70% on Emissions Control 
  • Reduces your environmental impact
  • Lower price compared to a new part
  • The pump doesn’t end up contributing more product into landfills

Not only do we offer remanufactured AdBlue Pumps but we also offer:

We are continuously educating our customers on the benefits and quality of remanufactured products. Working in partnership with us has helped many of our customers achieve the key targets outlined in their corporate responsibility plans. The most important element for us and our valued customers is to provide a sustainable process that clearly displays the benefits of working with a business that in turn provides a sustainable solution. 

All AdBlue Pumps are extensively tested using state of the art specifically designed testing equipment to ensure OEM specifications are met prior to use. Twelve months warranty is standard on all service exchange and repaired items.

Utilise a remanufactured AdBlue Pump today as an alternative to a new part. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements here.