How remanufacturing your Mercedes CPC 3 unit can save you money, reduce e-waste and decarbonise

Here at Alliance Transport Technologies we believe that remanufacturing is one of the most sensible routes to go. 

Mercedes CPC 3 failure is a common issue across the Mercedes MP4 Actros, Arox, Antos, EvoBus, Citaro, Setra, and Tourismo.

At Alliance Transport Technologies we have worked with our customers to identify the common faults on this unit and how we can fix them.  The most common faults that we see relate to communication issues and accelerator faults.

Once we receive a unit to repair, we will assess the faults that you have reported to us and then use our diagnostic equipment to test thoroughly for that fault as well as a more thorough inspection of the unit.  We will then repair the faults we have found using components that satisfy our stringent quality criteria – and we believe we apply a higher quality standard than the manufacturer.  Therefore, we are happy to offer a 2-year warranty on our fix.

What is a CPC Unit?

For those not in the industry you may not be aware what a CPC unit is. It is the powertrain control unit, another control module that is somewhat similar to the ECU (engine control unit). In modern Mercedes commercial vehicles it is responsible for controlling multiple vehicle features such as the active exhaust valves, throttle pedal, and speed limiter.

Our Offer

Alliance Transport Technologies have produced a new remanufacturing offer which includes a full test and repair of the Mercedes CPC 3 for £1,100.00. 

When purchasing from Alliance we ensure that there is a quick turn around from start to finish. Alliance guarantees that the buying quality of the remanufactured product is outstanding.

With the price being far less then a new part and often on back order the REMAN option seems a no brainer. Currently new CPC-3 Units are going for as much as £3200.

Our product range is forever growing, alongside our 20 UK Engineers based in Chesterfield. We ensure that we have a strict testing policy throughout the experience, before and after applying the remanufactured unit.

Why remanufacturing

There are many commercial advantages when it comes to purchasing a remanufactured product, such as the CPC 3 unit. With the rising demand for New Parts and the scarcity of raw materials, the delay in receiving the part is long. People are having to wait months and months to receive an item. Long delays, high costs and commercial vehicles being off the road is not what any transport or fleet manager desires. 

Our remanufactured products use less to no raw materials, as we are reusing existing products. This then means that we are preventing unnecessary manufacturing and reducing higher emissions. Which then contributes to an overall improvement on your Carbon Footprint and helps with decarbonisation. 

Many people may think remanufacturing is just recycling or reusing an existing product. However, it refers to the process which is included in the methods of manufacturing a product. There is a lot of intricate detail which goes into remanufacturing a product, ensuring that all the REMAN parts are suitable to use.

Our Approach 

Here at Alliance Transport Technologies, we have worked alongside our customers to identify the common faults which have occurred on this unit, and how we can fix this. The most common faults relate to communication issues and accelerator faults. 

When we receive your unit to fix, we test rigorously, talk you through the faults and more often than not repair the unit. We fix the faults we have found using components that satisfy our stringent quality control criteria. We strongly believe that we apply a higher quality of engineering than the original manufacturer, because of this we offer an amazing 2-year warranty on the repaired unit.


If you would like to talk to us more about our approach, get in touch below or visit our REMAN CPC3 Page.

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